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Self Injury Support

Our vision

That anyone who uses self-injury knows they are not alone;

that everyone understands that self-injury is a complex and important issue we should all care about;

and that together we tackle both the causes and stigma of self-injury.

Our mission

We focus on improving support and knowledge around self-injury.

How We Do This

  • offering safe spaces where we listen and never judge, and demonstrating the impact of this support;
  • creating experience-led tools and information on topics clients tell us they want to know about;
  • promoting better models of support through training health and social care workers of the future;
  • working with researchers and policy makers to make sure what people tell us they want is put into practice

What We Do To Make This Happen

  • We run a UK-wide multi-channel support service for people affected by self-injury, trauma and abuse with protected women-only sessions
  • We run a regional peer support service for people who have been to A&E or Urgent Care for self-harm treatment
  • We develop up-to-date, reliable and free information and self help tools for anyone to use
  • We run training and consultancy to share knowledge and expertise with a wide range of staff, especially in health, social care and education
  • We partner with other organisations and researchers to find out directly from those with lived experience of self-injury find helpful in their lives 

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